Living costs in Chiang Mai

Life in Chiang Mai can be really cheap, although the city doesn’t lack of any comfort… So, you can choose your own lifestyle and the budget that suits it the best.

Food & Drinks

By 'cheap restaurant', I'm mostly referring to a venue that looks like a regular local restaurant, with waiters, music and a confy enough environment
By 'fancy restaurant', I intend the same, but based on higher standards - live music, bigger venue, dish quality higher, etc.
Note that prices are meant to be indicative. Actually, you can find fancy restaurants with cheaper beers, or cheap restaurants with awesome live music, etc. Prices for international food also vary a lot depending on the imported goods price and the experience of the cooks.
Item7/11 (convenience)Market/StallCheap restaurant'Fancy' restaurant
Water bottle (0.5l)8/15 bht10/15 bht (market/stall)10/15 bht10/20 bht
Noodle soop (with meat & vegs)n/a25/30 bht40/50 bht60/90 bht
Curry & rice (with meat, vegs & rice)n/a30/40 bht50/60 bht80/120 bht
Sangsom thai rhum (1l)235 bhtn/a250/320bht290/350 bht
Mars, Twix, Kit Kat...23/35 bhtn/an/an/a
Local sweet snack (i.e. muffin)10/25 bht10/25 bhtn/an/a
Beef steak250 bht and up
Leo/Chang Beer (0.75l)n/a50/70 bht80/120 bht
Milk (1l)
Fruit snackn/a10/20 bhtn/an/a


The usual prices in guesthouses.
Dormitory100bht & up
Single room250bht & up
Double room300bht & up