Getting there and around

Chiang Mai is easily accessible, through any transportation kind. Chiang Mai is also an open door to wild & cultural explorations on the whole north of Thailand, to the Lanna beauties, to the Issan delights but also to Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia…

International Chiang Mai Airport

Welcome to CNX! You can fly to Chiang Mai, or to anywhere from Chiang Mai (Bangkok, or the islands, for example) pretty easily. Internal and international flights tend to be quite cheap: AirAsia and other low-cost companies have routes at least to Bangkok, where any destination you could dream of is available.

Trains and busses

Chiang Mai public transportation is straight-forward and the offer is wide: you won’t get lost. It is really simple to route from Chiang Mai to anywhere in Thailand or in the border countries (i.e. Laos, Cambodia, Burma, etc) by combining busses, boats, trains… or booking a full tour at any travel agency (which will be more expensive than doing it all by youserlf, of course).


Yup, northern Thailand is just perfect for roadtrips, be it by motorbike or by car.
For more information on renting your motorbike, check out the Chiang Mai city transportation page.

From Chiang Mai, you have easy access to…

  • to all the most beautiful Northern Thailand cities, as Pai (check the mini-guide)!, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son…
  • to adventure: there’s plenty of play space for dirt-bikes, through the jungle and the villages!
  • to the beautiful Issan region (north-eastern Thailand)
  • to the natural heart of Thailand, check out this satellite map of Chiang Mai: it’s so green around! Jungle, national parks, mountains, rivers, tons of waterfalls and hilltribe villages…