Chiang Mai definitely is a paradise for party! With its wide variety of venues, the city is great enough to please any taste… and I firmly believe there is literally everything in town.

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Universitary area

Nimmanhaemin Rd.

So called, because it’s actually very close to the university. Which makes the place mostly frequented by young students and locals, craving for beer, live music and a good moment shared with friends and colleagues.

If you like to mix up with locals, then it’s a good place to go. The area is huge, and the variety of places to go out too. Fancy clubs and cocktail bars, soft-lighted bars with quiet gardens, noisy rock concerts, eateries of all kinds…

Pricewise, we’re in Thailand. If you come from a western country, chances are you’ll find even the fancy options on the cheap side. But if you’re on a budget, you’ll easily spot lots of places having beer promotions (around 150bht for 3 big beer bottles, for example): avoid the main Nimmanhaemin Rd and adventure yourself into the Sois (the perpendicular streets).

Boon Yoo Market

Also called The Soi or the Reggae Area.

Locals meet tourists. The area is actually considered by lots of expats as the main tourist area of Chiang Mai. Well, it certainly is, actually! But inside the temporary (and often drunk) crowd, there also is a bunch of thai people and a few expats really keen on meeting and have a chat with people from all around the world (just like us travellers do, right)!

The area is quite small, but features a lot of various places – live music places (reggae, latin, thai and rock), a few clubs with pop/r’n’b and electronic music, several bars to chill out and enough food for your nightly cravings.

During high season it can get quite packed. During low season, the place is quite calm, but nonetheless enjoyable in good company.

Most of the bars close around 2AM, but the clubs usually stays open until later.


I’ll call this one the secondary universitary area. Where Nimmanhaemin is a little bit more on the classy side, Santhitham is crowded with quite a younger and/or more laid-back thai student crowd. People generally seem to go crazy more easily – and the place is packed with a tons of bars and pubs with any kind of music.

And around…

Those are just the two areas considered as main by the crowds – but there are lots of other interesting places inside and outside the moat, actually!