Warorot Market

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The Warorot area is also called Chinatown. Expect to find absolutely everything here, from the weirdest, to the most practical. There are tons of fabrics, make-up, clothing items, snacks (if you dig fried silk worms, you’ll find plenty of boxed ones), puppies/rabbits, toys, food stalls and… other stuff that you can barely describe.

Yep, it could have a nice chinese look and feel, but it’s actually really thai. You won’t find any souvenirs for tourists here (well, unless you really really dig those silk worms) but you will be drown in what an authentic thai market is.

The market goes on in the streets but also in some buildings – don’t skip the buildings! I managed to even find geisha powder inside.

Foodwise, there are a few items (mostly snacks) that are worth a try and that you won’t find easily elsewhere if you’re stuck in the city. Everything is really cheap, so I would recommend to just get your wallet out and start tasting the unusual stuff.

If you’re around the Warorot Market, you may want to check the close Flower Market, on the river side.



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