Sunday Market

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The Sunday Market is one of the most famous attractions of Chiang Mai. Every Sunday afternoon, a few main streets are blocked and invaded by merchants of all sorts and all provenances: clothing items, souvenirs, tapestries, artworks, jewelry, accessories, artisanal furnitures, decorations… and food.

Not only it is invaded by colorful goods and people, but also by both locals & tourists: it is crowded and can also get quite packed. It is nice to wander around the streets and look for nice stuff to take back home, but the reason I love this market is the food.

Food courts

There are several food courts.

My favorite is the one at the entrance of the market on Ratpakinai Rd (enter from the north side!): you will find there lots delicious stands of thai goodies, but also a few ‘restaurants’ where you can sit on very low tables while eating a good soup. A few examples of what you can find: chicken with honey, yum (has to be one of the best chickens in town ;), cheap sushis, different rolls – rotees – gyozas – samosas, sweets, barbecue, etc.

There is another very good food court, around a temple (although I don’t remember the name of it, sorry!). They have thai, vegetarian, but also delicious indian food – and a cool recycling center.


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