Airport Plaza

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The food market of this shopping mall is -awesome- plenty of stuff to watch (because it would require a life to try everything) and to pick, of course. Noodles, foods, snacks, sweets, for a really convenient price (cheap)!

There are also the common brand venues (Mac Donald’s, KFC, etc) inside the mall and nice other small restaurants. You can’t possibly get bored inside.


There’s literally everything inside – from renowned brands, to less common thai boutiques. It all comes with a price, of course – but heck, if you’re heading to a shopping mall… Clothing, electronics, toys, artisanal goods… You can even shop for your new residence (true!)

Other services

Most banks, telephony, etc. brands are to be found inside. There are also pharmacies, hairdressers, salons and… cosmetic chirurgy booths :o


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