Somphet’s Fruit Shakes

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This cute little lady’s fruit shakes are well worth a try! Always a wide selection of fresh fruit, chosen with great care. She’s recently added very good hot and iced chocolate and coffee. You can enjoy it in the vibrant Somphet Market, or just take it away.

It’s the last market stand, right in between of a mobile shop and a parking area. She’s not open everyday.



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  1. Jérémy June 2, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    Probably one of the best shake I’ve ever drink!
    She uses only really fresh fruits, give you some advices on the recipe, like: “don’t you mind if I don’t put sugar in the mango shake as the mangoes are very sweet today?”, the ice is really blended and she is so kind!
    When I saw her passion fruits, I asked where I could buy some, and she offered me to take some in a bag and just pay the market price for them. No benefit for her except to see me happy!
    Needless to say that I returned there several times and highly recommend her place!

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