There is enough to do in Chiang Mai and around to cover your entire lifetime, believe me!

While I am in the process of adding all the venues into the website databse, you can check my complete Google Map of things to see around Chiang Mai. Thank you for your patience!

Trekkings and organized tours

Chiang Mai is scattered with tour agencies offering various treks. Although I’m not really fond of travelling with guides, they may offer you a good overview if you’re in the city for a limited time.

You can choose between a wide range of stuff to do, like hill-tribe villages sightseeing, trekking the mountains and the jungle, bungee-jumping and ziplining, elephant riding and volunteering.

Rent a bike and get lost

Consider it, seriously. Renting a motorbike (or a bicycle, or a car, or even a pick-up) is quite cheap and well worth any bath spent on it. Just get yourself out of the moat and start exploring the awesome surroundings.

Cooking & massage courses

Chiang Mai is famous for its cooking and massage schools. Lots of people actually get there with the main purpose of mastering thai cooking and thai massage. You’ll easily find flyers in any tourist agency or guesthouse.

Studying thai language

Yes, you can actually also work your brain out in Chiang Mai. And who said it’s not fun? There is a bunch of thai language schools, and also of private teachers to get a few lessons, or even intensive courses. If you’re planning on staying for a while, you can also get a study visa through a one year course at the university, or in any internationally recognized school.

Muay thai (thai boxing)

Discover the thai national sport! You can get lessons (any level/age), or watch matches. There are often matches, you will find tons of flyers in any guesthouse, trekking agency, or they will be handed to you in the popular streets.